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Each week I will be sharing about the inspiration behind my work and also links to other work that I am doing online.

By Amanda, Oct 19 2019 04:08PM

I have started a patreon account which enables you to support the work of your favourite artists. Check it out HERE

My passion is creating and sharing how Art and Creativity impacts our health and well-being. I focus on how we can use our creativity to unlock our hidden talents.

Patreon is a place where you can support artists who create content you love, so they can make more content. It's kind of like a membership with different tiers, the cool thing is that you get rewards for each month you support, whether that is just once or ongoing.

About Me

I have been an artist for over 20 years, a Blogger, Podcaster and a Creative Encourager. As a Carer for my mother for over 17 years I have seen first hand the changes that take place in a loved one living with dementia with the ongoing considerations and the impact it has on the family.

I used art and creativity as a tool to help me through the 17 years and saw first hand the positive impact that it had for me as well as my mother and I went on to share my art and creativity workshops and resources at a Specialist Dementia Center in London.

I believe everyone should have access to the arts and. by creating and sharing what I am doing, encouraging participation and hopefully being inspiring means so much to me, especially when you can create important resources for free which is what I do on my YouTube channel, Blog and Podcast.

The importance of the arts to our lives really came to the forefront of what I was doing when my mum started showing signs of Alzheimer’s which is now in the severe stages and while the effects were devastating, Art and Creativity helped us navigate the uncharted territory and find ways to express what we were feeling and there has and continues to be so many treasured moments.

Art gives us the space to express ourselves in ways that words can not. I have been creating and developing resources for those want to create in the midst of their situation. I also started a free Arts and Health network sharing and curating information about Arts and Health events globally.

My goal is to help you find ways in which I can help you incorporate art and creativity into your life, to find those pockets of time and help you to apply what you learn to your own life. My art and workshops are designed to encourage & inspire you to dream, remind you of all that you already know, help you discover the best parts of yourself.

There is so much MORE I want to do and I’d LOVE for you to be part of the adventure with me.

Through your subscription to my Patreon page, I will have the resources to create more art and more content (think ongoing workshop series, tutorials, vlogs, podcasts & books!). And you will have access to as little or as much as you want. You decide when you select your subscription tier!

I want to create community; a space where we can all share and spread our creative wings together. I want to share the ins an the outs of this imperfect, messy and beautiful journey and I want inspire you on your own journey. The ability to create isn't reserved for the special. It is for all of us.

"Your soul knows there is more, Your mind has forgotten. My work aims to remind you.”

I hope that you decide to oin me on this journey

By Amanda, Jun 25 2019 12:52AM

In today's show I share with you my work in the field of Arts and Health.

As a mixed media artist I work with a variety of mediums and tools to express myself in my work. I completed my degree in Complimentary Therapy, at the University of Westminster specializing in Nutrition and Massage Therapy, and saw the benefits of improving diet and the use of different forms of massage and essential oils. I could see clearly the link between diet, health and well-being. Alongside this I painted and wrote about art and creativity, and wanted to further explore the impact of creative activities on our health and well-being.

Join me on the blog and find out how the arts can impact on many different groups and how it is being used in Hospitals, Care Homes and the medical profession as a whole. If you are a Health Organsation or Artist, Carers or individual interested in the role the arts can play on health and well-being consider joining the Free Arts in Health Network so you can share the work you are doing or would like to get involved with in relation to the arts and Health.

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