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By Amanda, Jun 25 2019 12:52AM

In today's show I share with you my work in the field of Arts and Health.

As a mixed media artist I work with a variety of mediums and tools to express myself in my work. I completed my degree in Complimentary Therapy, at the University of Westminster specializing in Nutrition and Massage Therapy, and saw the benefits of improving diet and the use of different forms of massage and essential oils. I could see clearly the link between diet, health and well-being. Alongside this I painted and wrote about art and creativity, and wanted to further explore the impact of creative activities on our health and well-being.

Join me on the blog and find out how the arts can impact on many different groups and how it is being used in Hospitals, Care Homes and the medical profession as a whole. If you are a Health Organsation or Artist, Carers or individual interested in the role the arts can play on health and well-being consider joining the Free Arts in Health Network so you can share the work you are doing or would like to get involved with in relation to the arts and Health.

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