I am a 6 times Award winning mixed media artist, winning the NIFCA Professional Artist Silver Award and three Bronze Awards in 2016 &17 and at the Central Bank Crop Over Visual Arts - Best in Show and Incentive Award in Barbados 2018.  


I am also a Blogger, Podcaster, and online Art teacher.  


I love creating and using texture, colour and a variety of mediums within my work. Art can have a healing effect on our health and well-being and my interests also lie in the use of art across the disciplines and how we can use it for creative expression.  I have worked within the health, community and corporate setting, I have exhibited and given talks in the UK, Barbados and Montserrat in both solo and group shows.


I teach online and have taken part in several art and art journaling courses and I am happiest in my studio space.  When I am not working on an exhibition, I create and play with those things that spark ideas always looking for ways in which I can enhance the creative process.  I look for ways in which we can bring together unusual materials within my creative process.  I alter, change, make new and I have more recently been working with fabric and clay create sculpture pieces, natural fibers and wood.  


I have been an artist for many years, whilst combining different career paths in the public sector, design, education and health.  I recieved my BSc (Hons) in Compliementary Therapies, specialising in holistic massage and nutrition therapy.  I run an Art YouTube Channel sharing art tutorials, art journals and more.  I also run a Gardening Channel looking at the nutritional and medicinal benefits of plants.


Here is a selection of my Textile Wall Hangings They won an Incentive Award at the Queens Park Gallery, Bridgetown, Barbados